Validate EDI

Validate EDI (XML, Edifact and Ansi X12)  


  • Multiupload
    • No data is stored on the server
    • MIME type is detected based on file content
      • It is possible to upload without file extensiom
      • All other files than text (edifact / ansi x12) or xml are skipped / not supported
  • Validate structure (eg schema validation)
  • Validate business logic (eg schematron validation)
  • XSLT Styling, readable document in HTML
  • Calculate content and compare with values in eg an invoice


  • Multiupload based on Dropzone JS:
  • Implemented Mime-Detective in class factory:
  • Prepared and created concept to post files several times from Dropzone JS queue
    1. Upload to local client (browser) 
    2. Send file content to server to either
      1. Check and validate content
      2. Check business logic
      3. Style document
      4. Calculate prices and compare with document values
  • Use RaspConfiguration (Converted to JSON)

Current task

  • Cookie consent
  • AntiforgeyTokens
  • To scope the project only a few XML and EDIFACT versions will be implemented
    • OIOUBL (danish adaption of the UBL standard)
    • Peppol BIS
    • Standard eg EDIFACT D96 are considere in a limited version as a start as a proof of concept
    • cXML and xCBL are a possibility
  • Store messages in memory cache from validation methods and display in popup
  • XSLT transformations uses SaxonHE
    • All stylesheet versions are suported
    • Included stylesheets or XML documents are supported


  •  WIP
    • June 23: Only local test / development atm, date for a first beta release not estimated

To do list for project: 


Use local postman for testing?

Unit test

Check for vulnerability


Information or questions: Please contact plykkegaard at gmail dot com

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